Photo of the Week - Week 7:

Harristown's DT10 is seen on Swords Main Street operating Route 41 to Swords Manor on the 21st November 2013.

Updates have been quite sparse this year due to an incredibly busy schedule. But I'll update whenever I get a chance. One word of note is that after bidding farewell to WV50 a few weeks ago, it has reappeared on the city streets after an extended break. To make up for the lack of updates, something a bit rare, DTs operating Route 41. Harristown have a number of departures on Routes 41/A/C in the peaks, but a lesser known fact is that there are a few departures around midday also. These are Euro duties and can therefore spring up some very interesting allocations. In my opinion, none is more interesting than the Dennis Trident DT class.

Harristown's DT8 is seen operating a Route 41 service to the City at the Atrium Road stop in Dublin Airport on the 21st November 2013.

With only 10 of these buses in the fleet, reserved for midweek Euro services, they are a rare catch. Though reasonably regular on the 41X, it is still a rare catch on the 41. Being an unusual type there was much rumour that they would be for the chopping block. However in the past few weeks, a long muted conversion of these buses to LED displays started with the conversion of DT1 which has been noted about with its new orange display. Thankfully these buses are around for a while longer, though one wishes they could be allocated to something a bit more full time than the peak only Euro services, with the occasional 17A, 40D and Blanch service thrown in during the day.

Harristown's DT10 is seen turning from Swords Main Street onto the Rathbeale Road on the 21st November 2013.

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