Photo of the Week - Week 32:

Harristown's Alexander ALX400-bodied Volvo B7LD, AX509, is seen operating Route 270 at its Dunboyne terminus on the 31st July 2010.

No pretense philosophical ramble this week, just plain old photos. AX590 is seen at the Dunboyne terminus of Route 270 on a wet and miserable last day of July. The last two incredible days have brought Dublin back into the summer mood, but Dublinbusstuff is always here to remind the masses of the normal state of affairs, the kind of weather thats only around the corner. The eagle-eyed observer will be able to see the drops of rain falling in front of AX509, thankfully the rain eased just for a few moments to get a shot. The VG behind is Phibsborough's VG8, but that will be another week's Image of the Week.

With regard to Route 70 Dublinbusstuff has made a video of the entire route from Hawkin's Street to Dunboyne, which has recently been uploaded to the Dublinbusstuff youtube channel. In true Dublinbusstuff style the video has been sped up 4 times to make it slightly more interesting. However, the camera was set to an overexposed setting when filming, so the quality is not as good as it should be. But the sound of the Volvo engine sped up makes up for all that, the sound almost that of a forumla one race car. Also the over exposure is worse on fast sections, almost computer game-esque as the rendering of the graphics lags behind the speed of the action. In any case watch the video on the 480p youtube setting as the standard view doesn't work. The quality of the video gets much better after Christchurch.

Video of Route 70 from Hawkins Street to Dunboyne.

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