Photo of the Week - Week 13:

Donnybrook's Alexander Enviro500 bodied Volvo B9TL, EV98, is seen at the Sea Road Kilcoole terminus of the 84X on the 6th April 2011.

Apologies again for the lateness of this update. Hosting issues have plagued this week again, though it seems I may have a two month reprieve on the closing down date.

In my humble opinion the strangest place on the Network has to be the Sea Road Kilcoole. Not because you have wild dogs or people roaming the streets, not because of any eerie or extra-terrestrial activity, but mainly because there actually is a bus operating here in the first place.

This terminus is not as remote as Ballyknockan where the bus has to do a three point turn in a car park, but then again that hardly gets the same level of service as the Sea Road, with the 84x terminating there and all 84s going via in both directions.

This terminus was first used in 1971/1972. It exists about 750m up from Kilcoole Main Street just off the Sea Road. There there is a narrow road of cottages, and in the earliest days of this terminus buses reversed into the stop shown in the picture above, the actual terminus, though being northfacing not actually photogenic on a sunny day.

This was possible with the help of the conductor. However, when OPO was introduced to the 84 route back in December 1988, it seemed that the Sea Road terminus was to be no more. With no conductor on board, the reverse manoeuver was no longer safe.

However the cottages at the end of the road decided to contribute a section of their gardens to build a turnaround just long enough to enclose the turning circle of a bus. The images below show how narrow this is, however there is enough room, for an EV in any case. However there is no doubt that those VTs that stray onto Route 84 and 84X must require a professional three point turn. Sshhhhh.... In the 84s case while actually in service.

Donnybrook's EV98 shown in the turning circle at the Sea Road terminus of Route 84X on the 6th April 2011.

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