2023 - Update 20:

Phibsboro's GT159 is seen on a rare allocation on the C1 to Sandymount at Heuston Station on the 27th June 2023 having returned from its long spell parked up (click on photo for larger version).

GT159 is back, finally. Being the Bohemian Football Team wrapped bus its return is like a new wrap on the streets which is a welcome addition, albeit the wrap is far from new being somewhat frayed and loose around the edges. It returned on Monday 26th June having been last seen on the streets of Dublin for the Pride Parade 2022 (25th June 2022), though it had last operated in regular service on the 25th May 2022. GT159 can be found mostly on its previous Route 9 haunt so I was lucky to catch it on the C1.

Phibsboro's GT159 is seen operating Route 9 on D'olier Street on the 8th July 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

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