Photo of the Week - Week 45:

Summerhill's new GT50 is seen on Main Street Swords on its way to Balbriggan on the 29th October 2012.

Summerhill's GTs entered service on the 24th October, and already their presence has taken hold of Route 33, though it should be noted that GT51-53 did enter service sooner being on temporary loan to Donnybrook. Summerhill is left with just 3 RV buses, a pity given the garage has always been keen to put these vehicles out at weekends. However, I have to admit being impressed with these new vehicles. The more I travel on them the more I notice their level of comfort. Dublin Bus clearly understand a quality vehicle, and like the VG class before them the quality of finish makes the Gemini the best double-deck body available on the market. Though I'm sure this comes at a cost, it seems to be noticed by more than us bus enthusiasts. From my experiences travelling around, the response from other passengers has only been positive, "Overheard in Dublin" being quite complimentary to these new additions to the fleet. 10 buses would seem too much for the 33, and already the GT class has been making appearances on the 41 routes.

Summerhill's GT52 is seen on O'Connell Street having operated in from Skerries on the 28th October 2012, having just returned from service in Donnybrook. The East Lancs Double-Deck in the rear is the new open top night tour now offered by Dualway.

Summerhill's GT57 is seen at the Swords Manor terminus of Route 41 in some very sharp afternoon sun on the 27th August 2012.

Harristown have also had a number of additions to their fleet, following on from the first few which appeared on the 4. With the 4 being very limited in service at weekends, a number are appearing as originally suggested on Route 102. However, they also like to make evening appearances on Route 27B from my observations. It should be noted that though the GTs are being delivered at pace, there are not in numerical sequence. Donnybrook are still missing one or two of their allocation, while Conyngham Road, Harristown and Summerhill have gaps in their batches. Clontarf has already received its first example, but it may take a while for all the gaps to be filled in.

GT34 is seen at the Dublin Airport terminus of Route 102 about to depart to Sutton on the 27th August 2012.

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