Photo of the Week - Week 48:

Harristown's RV589 is seen on the Porterstown Link Road operating Route 239 on the last ever Harristown RV operation on the 23rd November 2012.

And then there were two. On Friday the 23rd November 2012, the last of Harristown's RVs bowed out of service, leaving only Ringsend and Summerhill with RVs still in service. Summerhill hangs on tenter hooks, with only a solitary RV560 hanging on. However, in true Summerhill fashion, it was out on both days this weekend and hopefully it sees out a wee while longer. Ringsend have a few more, potentially five will see service on Monday which will leave the RV fleet at six. However, in the last few weeks it is always unclear how quickly these vehicles will be withdrawn. Ringsend have seen delivery of their first GTs, and depending on how quickly these enter service, along with serviceable vehicle availablility and transfers, will determine the rate at which the RVs will go. It should probably be expected that by this time next week, we will be even closer to the end.

Harristown's RV587 is seen on its last day in service in Blanchardstown Centre allocated to Route 17A on the 23rd November 2012.

Harristown allocated its 3 RVs on their last day of operation, and all to routes servicing Blanchardstown Centre. RV574 did laps on both the 238 and the 270, its last departure being the 1045 from Dunboyne before pulling back into the depot. The photo below of RV574 was taken on its last departure. RV587 was allocated to Route 17A, the photos in this feature showing the 10am departure from Blanchardstown having operated from Kilbarrack. It pulled back into the garage from Kilbarrack, before operating the midday 17A departure from Blanchardstown Centre before pulling in from Kilbarrack to Harristown for the last time. RV589 was on Route 239, being allocated to a morning workout, departing at 930am to Liffey Valley before running special to Harristown. It then left to operate the 1230 ex Blanchardstown and the 1330 ex Liffey Valley, being the final RV to pull into the depot just before 3pm. The photo above shows RV589 as it approached Blanchardstown Centre for the final time on thr 1330 ex Liffey Valley.

Harristown's RV587 is seen departing Blanchardstown Centre on Route 17A on its last day of service, the 23rd November 2012.

Update 26/11/12

In the unpredictable state the RVs are currently in, Harristown's RV574 made a very brief outing on Route 83 this morning, the 26th November 2012. Indications from Harristown suggested that Friday the 23rd would be the last day of allocation. Given it was route 83, it is unlikely that this was a pre-allocation, the 239 being the obvious choice for that, but may have been necessitated by vehicle shortages due to the poor weather. It is impossible to know, but it would be unlikely to make it into service again tomorrow. Keep watching this space though.

Harristown's RV574 on what was supposed to be its last day of service, operating the 1045 270 ex Dunboyne, on the 23rd November 2012, on the Littlepace Road.

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