Photo of the Week - Week 51:

Donnybrook's AX464 picks up a swarm of Christmas Shoppers under the Christmas lights on George's Street Upper Dun Laoghaire on the 11th December 2010.

Christmas is upon us once more, as are the dark evenings, the winter solstice being just 2 days away. The dark evenings are usually the sign for bus photographers to slow down from the flurry of mid-summer activity, where everything at any angle seems to be well lit. However on certain occasions these dark evenings provide an opportunity to get an authentic seasonal shot.

Dún Laoghaire was the place of choice for this year's festive update. The street lights there provide a much better backdrop for the bus photography then is the case with the minimalist and dissappointing O'Connell Street display. AX464, with full headlights, is seen on George's Street under a very festive light array; though in true Dublin spirit, it seems that Santa has scarpered with all the presents.

The second shot is that of AV327 on Route 45A on Marine Road. This otherwise dark location is transformed by the tree shaped christmas lights adorning the shopping centre. Well, every little light helps....

AV327 is seen operating a Route 45A service from Dún Laoghaire to Ballywaltrim on Marine Road on the 11th December 2010.

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