Photo of the Week - Week 42:

Phibsborough's SG136 is seen operating Route 70 on Littlepace Road on the 31st August 2017. The sun is very low, as shown by the photographer's shadow. The detail of the SG-class is clear though, hence why photographers call this the "magic hour".

It's a long time since Dublin Bus reorganised their website, including all the RTPI information. Each timetable comes with a map of the route in Google Maps. The level of improvement in information has been incredible and Dublin Bus should be commended for this fact. However, I do miss one element of the old information, mainly the network maps. Observing these highly coloured maps clearly showing each route was always more indicative than the OS maps. Though not error-free, the network maps were always pretty accurate, which also wasn't always true of the OS maps. Given the lack of a combined network map, I've taken it upon myself to replicate Map 1, which was reserved for the Blanchardstown area of Dublin. If there is some interest in this, I might continue to complete the full network of maps.

A Network Map of Blanchardstown as of (click on photo for larger version).

In this map I have used black to indicate 5 routes or more. When too many routes serve a single road the premise of having a single line for each makes it difficult to comprehend. This used to be reserved for the city centre network guide. Blanchardstown is quite an interesting area to look at in terms of a network with a number of city-bound services, peak hour routes and a local/orbital network. One of my favourite locations to catch something interesting.

Phibsborough's SG14 is seen at the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre terminus of Route 37 on the 7th September 2017 (click on photo for larger version).

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