Photo of the Week - Week 6:

Donnybrook's VT5 is seen operating a morning 145 service on Bray Main Street heading to Kilmacanogue on the 18th May 2011. VT5 is incorrectly showing the D'olier Street destination of the 145, a display designed for short running 145s to the city only.

In December 2005 a Hong-Kong monster came to Dublin. Tri-axel buses had been the mainstay of the far eastern city, but Dublin Bus showed modern enthusiasm and saw the tri-axle decker as an obvious choice to increase capacity given the failed trial of the articulated single-decker AW-class. Given the success of these buses in Dublin, and other tri-axles in a few other cities, it is a surprise that London didn't also look to a three-door version of these rather than investing so much money in designing a much maligned hybrid Borismaster. It was with great expectations when these buses arrived in Donnybrook depot, that there would be some fantastic allocations of these buses. However, with Donnybrook strictly locking them to the 46A routes (46A/B/C/D/E), they have basically remained on the 46A ever since. In October 2010, Route 145 was added to the list, however the 84X was overlooked surprisingly given its interworked.

VT14 is seen at the Phoenix Park (Infirmary Road) terminus of Route 46A on the 10th March 2012.

The second batch of VTs (VT21-VT70) had a few fixes. The most significant was the front door, a new seat layout helping with the front seats upstairs that had such minimal legroom and a slightly moving rear axle. VT1-20 having rigid rear axles that did not rotate which affected tyre wear, leading to the weekend withdrawal of these vehicles. It has surprised me, given the requirement for a few VTs on "Euro" universals in Phibsborough/Broadstone, that there has not been a switch of a few 2005 VTs from Donnybrook for these duties in replacement for newer 2007 VTs. This would reduce the mileage of these vehicles, with an increase in the availability of newer 2007 VTs, which might also allow for weekend operation of these buses on busy Route 46A.

VT6 is seen on Route 46A turning from Fitzwilliam Place onto Leeson Street on a Paddy's Day diversion on the 17th March 2012.

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