Photo of the Week - Week 25:

Donnybrook's Wright Crusader 2 Bodied Volvo B6BLE, WV43, is seen on St Stephen's Green North out on the pull on fundraiser duties on the 23rd July 2011.

The Dublin Bus Pull occurred yesterday. Now in its eight successive year this event shows the charitable side of the company's workforce. Dublin Bus drivers, in aid of Sightsavers International, pull a bus from Donnybrook Garage to the City.

A bumperless WV43 with ropes attached showing the updated scroll for the event on the 24th July 2011.

This year the drivers went even further upgrading the vehicle to a WV from an MV, a seriously larger bus. And yet even in St. Stephen's Green as they approached the end of the journey, the bus was taken from a stationary position to a fast pace in a mere few seconds. Such speeds would leave the WVs themselves to shame, there was no build up of engine speed, no puff of black smoke and yet WV43 kept up with city traffic on this very worthwhile cause.

WV43 operating a then newly routed Route 63 from Dun Laoghaire Station to Kilternan as dusk falls on the 27th September 2010.

Also around town, presumably for the event, was ex Ringsender WV51, with Private Hire on its scrolls, just in case any of the 15 regulars might think the bus was back from one of its impromptu gallops on these double-deck routes. It is seen below exiting Eden Quay.

WV51 on a Private Hire turning from Eden Quay to O'Connell Bridge on the 23rd July 2011.

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