Photo of the Week - Week 43:

Phibsborough's brand new SG134 is seen operating Route 9 to Limekiln Avenue on the 24th October 2015.

Phibsborough depot has been next to receive its buses from this year's allocation of SG buses. A number of them have entered service thus far. They have principally been allocated to the 37, but they have wandered to most routes in the depot at this stage. The batch in Phibsborough will be SG131-SG145, at which point Harristown's allocation will begin. This will conclude this year's batch of 90 SGs, with the allocations as follows:

  • Conyngham Road: SG71-85 (Route 13)
  • Ringsend: SG86-97 (Routes 15/A/B)
  • Summerhill: SG98-109 (Route 123)
  • Donnybrook: SG110-SG124 (Route 145)
  • Clontarf: SG125-130 (Routes 27/29A)
  • Phibsborough: SG131-145 (Route 37 mostly at present - not all delivered)
  • Harristown: SG146-160 (??)

Phibsborough's brand new SG132 is seen on Aston Quay operating Route 37 on the 24th October 2015. Note the brightness of the reflections on the side with the quayside trees and an overtaking ALX400 plainly visible. Such bright relections can make photographing the latest buses difficult.

The dull October days are plainly visible in this shot of SG132 operating Route 37 on Baggot Street on the 24th October 2015. The clocks went back on the 24th, so it will only get duller and darker for the bus photographer.

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