Photo of the Week - Week 44:

Recently withdrawn RV567 is seen at the Swords Manor terminus of Route 41 on the 6th October 2012 during it's short spell with Summerhill garage.

With the entry of Summerhill's GTs into service today on Route 33 comes the withdrawal of RV567. RV567 transferred over to Summerhill in early September, along with RV568 upon the entry of the first GTs into Donnybrook. RV567 was delivered to Dublin Bus in September 1999, entering service on Route 46A in CitySwift livery with a narrow destination display. This, along with all the other narrow destination displays, were ammended within a short period of time. It remained in Donnybrook for 13 years, operating a variety of routes. Personally the 14/A, 44 and 48A spring to mind as places where I remember this bus, but most of all I'd say Route 17 was its priciple hideout right till the end. It short spell in Summerhill, was mainly seen out on the 41s, though with its lack of luggage racks it did make a few appearances on the 123.

RV567 is seen in its Donnybrook days is seen on Eglinton Road about to operate the Sunday afternoon Eglinton Road departure to Enniskerry on the 27th February 2011.

RV567 having arrived in Enniskerry Village on the 27th February 2011.

This week was a death knell to the RV class, with the last going in Donnybrook at the end of last week, Harristown RVs almost completely gone, and Ringsend and Summerhill both losing a number of RVs. The GTs are arriving at an increasing pace, with Summerhill's GT58 being already noted in service. With Summerhill and Harristown RV operation, going going gone, Ringsend remains as the last bastian of RV operation. With Clontarf next on the list for receipt of their GT class buses, will Ringsend hold onto their RVs until the arrival of their own GTs, or will we see a major cascade remove them. Only time will tell, just remember that it wont be a long time.

RV567 is seen at the Rialto terminus of Route 17 as the light begins to fall on the last day of 2010.

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