New Route 14:

Summerhill's Enviro-400-bodied Volvo B9TL, EV22, is seen awaiting the second ever 14 departure from Ardlea Road seen at the terminus on Maryfield Drive on the 7th August 2011.

The 20B is no more. A route that was always close to my heart has now faded into memory. A victim of Network Direct, the 20B has now been amalgamated with the 14 operating from Dundrum to Beaumont. The merger is quite simple being the full 14 route on the southside followed by the full 20B route northside. This merger, one my recall, was proposed in the Scott Wilson Report over a decade ago.

Donnybrook's Alexander ALX400 bodied Volvo B7TL, AV328, is seen at the 20B stop on Ardlea Road on the 7th August 2011, the first Donnybrook bus to operate to/from Beaumont. The terminus is one stop on, the bus turning right onto Maryfield Drive at the yellow box in the foreground of the photo.

Discounting the Universals operated by Broadstone and Harristown over the years, the 14 is the first route in exactly 40 years to be jointly operated by two garages, though Donnybrook do have more than a 50% share of the allocation. The last routes were the 10 and the 54/A, which went to single garage operation when Phibsborough opened in 1971, the 10 heading to the new depot with the 54s heading to Summerhill.

Summerhill's Alexander ALX400 bodied Volvo B7TL, AV112, operating the first 14 departure ex Beaumont at Donnycarney Church on the 7th August 2011.

Summerhill did not disappoint when it came to allocation, allocating an EV in the morning and then a VG in the afternoon, VG34, which also operated on the 20B the day before on its final day of operation. Its seen here heading to Dundrum, the first known VG operation there in this author's opinion.

Summerhill's Wright Gemini bodied Volvo B9TL, VG34, is seen operating an afternoon service to Dundrum on Skelly's Lane on the 7th August 2011.

Thankfully the majority of buses were displaying the correct destinations. As can be seen the route number is in narrower format, which appears to be the standard now across the fleet, with numerous buses from other garages having the same amendment made to route number size. These buses now also apologise for not being in service, something which Transport for London forbade on its fleet. To be honest this makes sense, if the bus is not meant to be in service why apologise.

Donnybrook's AV264 operating Route 14 to Ardlea Road on Barton Road East on the 7th August 2011.

However there is always one, with AX463 making it into service on the 14 without being amended to show the correct destinations. This is another example from Donnybrook and in truth with most people not knowing where the 14 went, and with it displaying City Centre on its way to Beaumont, it hardly represents the kind of operation to company would like portray.

Donnybrook's AX463, with incorrect destination, is seen operating a Route 14 on Skelly's Lane on the 7th August 2011.

It was strange seeing Summerhill buses around Dundrum and Broadford. However it is in fact not too far outside their former territory with the 14 and 16 coming quite close and the 16A meeting the 14 around the area. In fact taking the photo of EV22 on Broadford Road it dawned on me that this was not in fact the first time that Summerhill buses operating down Broadford Road. In the year 2000, with the 16C being an extension of the 16 to Marlay Grange, the 16 actually operated into town via Broadford Road. However this is the first known time that a Summerhill bus operated out of town this way in service.

Summerhill's EV22 is seen on Broadford Road operating a Route 14 service to Dundrum on the 7th August 2011.

Summerhill's AV112 is seen at the 14 terminus at Dundrum interchange on August 7th 2011.

The final new route is the 61, which is operated in conjunction with the 14s. Departing from Townsend Street it operates as a 48A all the way to the William Dargan Bridge in Dundrum, turning right onto the Churchtown Road and via Nutgrove Avenue to Rathfarnham Village, turning left at the Yellow House Pub, it operates down the Ballyboden Way operating via Taylor's Lane and Whitchurch Road before terminating at Whitechurch Church on Whitechurch Green. Now there's a tongue twister. AV

Donnybrook's AV263 is seen awaiting its departure on the 1130 service ex Whitechurch on the 7th August 2011. Being a 2 hourly round trip, this bus had also operated the first 61 service ex Whitechurch.

The choice of the 61 number is interesting. The most recent 61, the 61A Hotellink, from Summerhill bears no resemblence, but going back another 20years, the 61 was a long running service from the City to Churchtown via Ranelagh and Churchtown Road Lower. It was replaced by a rerouted 14 in the 80s.

As a part of this change the 15B has been removed from Whitechurch and instead routed to Ballyboden Way. It operates as per its previous route to the junction of Ballyboden Road / Ballyboden Way / Taylor's Lane, turning right as per a 74A onto Ballyboden Way and terminating at the roundabout junction with Scholarstown Road. There has been no change in the timetable.

Ringsend's AV253 is seen operating a Route 15B departure to Ballyboden Way on the 7th August 2011

I think this is enough of an update for one week. Next week I'll bid farewell to the 48A, 14A, and of course the 20B in a large feature. Until then...

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