Photo of the Week - Week 16:

Phibsborough's SG464 is seen operating Route 66E on the Lucan Road on the 19th April 2019 (click on photo for larger version).

Route 66E began operation on the 21st January 2019 operating from Merrion Square to Maynooth via Glen Easton. It principally operates Route 66's routing, sharing both termini. It operates from Merrion Square past Leixlip Village as per Route 66. It then deviates off the main 66 route, serving Green Lane, returning to the Maynooth Road via the link road from the M4 to Intel. There it rejoins Route 66, operating to the Straffan Road, Maynooth, terminus. It operates 8 inbound services, and 7 outbound, operating every 60mins Monday-Friday daytime. During peak hours Green Lane is served by certain 66X departures which make the same deviation via Green Lane as the 66E. No evening or weekend services are provided.

Phibsborough's SG254 is seen operating Route 66E to Merrion Square on College Green on the 10th April 2019 (click on photo for larger version).

The more astute followers of Network Direct may remember that the announcement for Route 66 would have seen it operate as per current 66 route to Louisa Bridge, turning left down Accomodation Road, Green Lane, then via current 66E to Straffan Road. Given this change didn't occur during the Network Direct programme, the 66E/X combination will have to suffice for Glen Easton residents. Also of note is the early morning departure at 0625 from Maynooth, which is noted as operating "from Maynooth via Easton Road as Route 66". This serves the exact same stops as a 66E departure, so its not clear why it is considered a 66 rather than a 66E. Finally, the 66E is only the 6th ever 'E' route, following on from the 7E, 15E, 33E, 40E and 46E.

Phibsborough's SG145 is seen operating Route 66E on College Street on the 11th April 2019 (click on photo for larger version).

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