Photo of the Week - Week 12:

Harristown's VG26 is seen on a very wet April morning about to depart Blanchardstwon Centre for I.B.M. Damastown on the 3rd April 2015.

The 236 route was modified on the 6th October 2014. The 236 had been one of the last of the circular services within Dublin, the 185 Fassaroe/Palermo being the only one that comes to mind that's left. The new service is radial, operating from Blanchardstown Centre to I.B.M. Damastown. In the morning, it operates to I.B.M. Damastown, returning special from Damastown to Blanchardstown Centre. In the evening, it operates from I.B.M. Damastown to Blanchardstown Centre, returning special to Damastown.

New Route 236 map.

An interesting ammendment is to route the service via Tyrellstown. The service would thus consist of two parts, a service from Blanchardstown Centre to Ballycoolin Industrial Estate at had been the case previously. This is then extended up to Tyrellstown housing development, where it serves as a feeder service to the close-by (though long by foot) facility of I.B.M. Damastown. The timetable had originally been 4 departures at 45min intervals in the morning, followed by 3 departures at 45min intervals in the evening. This proved too difficult to maintain, and on the 30th March the service was ammended to 3 departures at 60min intervals in the morning, followed by 3 departures at 60min intervals in the evening.

Harristown's DT7 is seen operating Route 236 exiting Ballycoolin Industrial Estate on the 19th June 2014.

Harristown's AV217 is seen having replaced DT7 on Route 236 at Blanchardstown Centre on the 19th June 2014.

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