Photo of the Week - Week 22:

Conyngham Road's SG268 is seen operating Route 40 at the set down stop at the Charlestown Odeon Cinema on the 14th April 2017.

Route 40 was rearranged in the Finglas area on the 19th March 2017. The move had originally been announced for early March, but there was some union opposition to the original date. From this date the 40 was extended from its original Finglas Village terminus to a new terminus at Charlestown. The new terminus has a different layover point to Route 9 (or Routes 83/A on a Sunday). Buses come down St. Margaret's Road and continue to the side of the Charlestown Shopping Centre where all passengers are disembarked (see marker 1 on the map below). The buses then turn left at the back of Charlestown Shopping Centre proceeding past the entrance to the Odeon Cinema, where a lay-by has been built that could easily accomodate 3-4 buses (see marker 2 on the map below). Buses then continue, the road swinging around to the left, buses proceeding past the 9 layover point on the right, to turn left to stop 7132, which along with Route 9, is the first pick up stop for the route. Buses then turn right onto St. Margaret's Road.

Map showing the new routing of Route 40 in the Finglas area.

Route 40 buses have returned to their former section of the Finglas By-Pass that they originally used when the CitySwift buses were introduced. Buses leave the Barry/Plunkett estate and head back to Finglas Village. They serve the Seamus Ennis Road, and then McKee Road and St. Margaret's Road to their terminus. The only Finglas Village inbound (towards city) stop is on McKee Avenue (Stop: 4938). It is a little out of the way, with a stop on Seamus Ennis Road opposite to the outbound stop a missed opportunity. The route as shown by the map loops back upon itself around Finglas Village. A more logical approach would have been to turn buses north out of the Barry/Plunkett estate onto the N2, then right to serve Charlestown, then right onto St. Margaret's Road and McKee Road to the old terminus. This terminus was never purpose built though and the convenience of the new terminus at Charlestown was no doubt a draw.

Harristown's SG177 is seen on McKee Road approaching Charlestown on Route 40 on the 31st May 2017.

This is not the first time that Route 40 has terminated at Charlestown. Prior to the network review which saw the 40 and 78A merged, the 40 terminated at Charlestown. It was extended there on the 10th May 2009 along with Route 40A during a review of Finglas services. It stayed there until the merger with Routes 40A/78A on the 13th November 2011. At this point Finglas Village was chosen as the terminus. The new change which brings the 40 back to Charlestown is a most welcomed addition to city services, linking the majority of West and South Finglas with this local shopping amenity.

Harristown's SG150 is seen at the first pick up stop outside Charlestown Shopping Centre on Route 40 on the 31st May 2017.

A nearside shot of SG268 at the Charlestown lay over stop. This stop makes it clear that this is just a layover stop, though maybe a sign saying buses cannot be boarded at this point would also be appropriate.

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