Photo of the Week - Week 20:

Harristown's DT2 is seen at the Belfield Terminus of Route 41X on the 19th May 2014 about to operate the 1715 service to Swords Manor, the only departure not via Swords Manor.

The 41X is a good route to find Harristown's DTs on, being Euro duties. The Belfield terminus is always worth a visit, the Xpresso routes typically being there at least 30mins prior to departure which allows a good overview of what will be departing on each of the services. DT2 was a nice find, being the first time I have come across one of the newly LED'd DTs, given the rareness of being in Dublin midweek nowadays. Up to at least DT5 is done thus far as the days of the DMD in Dublin become more and more numbered. DT1 was the first to get the LED upgrade, in early February 2014, also getting a tree fender. It has been a slow upgrade process, but its good to see that given this upgrade, these buses will be with us for at least a few more years.

Summerhill's AX635 is seen at the Belfield terminus of Route 41X on the 19th May 2014.

The 41X was operated solely by Harristown for quite some time. However, a little known fact is that recently there has been an evening departure operated by Summerhill. The departure is untimetabled, the 1700, 1715 and 1730 still operated by Harristown. This 41X departs Belfield usually at 1645, and given it is untimetabled I have seen very few on it when I've noticed it on the southside of the city. The first time I noted it was September 2013, as per the photo below, but as before given my limited time in Dublin Monday-Friday, there would be nothing to say it hadn't been operating prior to this. The NTA online timetable indicates that there are two timetabled departures on the 41X at 1700, obviously a busy departure, so maybe the purpose of this is to depart slightly earlier to then operate in tandem through the city with the timetabled 41X.

AV270 is seen operating a 41X departure on Leeson Street Lower on the 13th September 2013.

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