2023 - Update 29:

Summerhill's VG13 is seen operating Route 15B on Ballyboden Road on the 11th November 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

On Wednesday/Thursday 18th/19th October 2023, Broadstone and Summerhill had a bus swap in order to have more racked buses available for Route 16. SG609-613 transferred from Summerhill to Broadstone while VG12-16 went the other way. VGs in Summerhill are not unusual, with the Airlink batch having operated there for so many years, and even this batch would have often been found on Harristown Euro-duties on Route 41 before transfer to Broadstone. However, their appearance on Routes 15A/B is a bit more unusual. They have proven a difficult batch to catch up with, I've been quite unlucky, but the 11th November proved a fruitful day.

Summerhill's VG16 is seen operating Route 15A on Rathmines Road Lower on the 11th November 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

Summerhill's VG15 is seen operating Route 41C on Beresford Place on the 21st October 2023 (click on photo for larger version).

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