Photo of the Week - Week 7:

Donnybrook's WS1 is seen operating Route 61 on Dawson Street on the 15th February 2019 (click on photo for larger version).

Donnybrook has two WS buses. One is always allocated to the 44B, but when both are available for service, Donnybrook have had to find something for the other to do. In early 2018, the 59/111 was the location of choice, then when these routes went to Go Ahead in October 2018, the 161 was assigned the spare WS. But this route went to Go Ahead from the 20th January 2019, leaving Donnybrook without an obvious place to put the WS, its reduced seating capacity causing issues with allocation. For the first few weeks, Donnybrook kept both WS buses in service solely on the 44B, buses alterating morning/afternoon, or day on/day off. However this changed on the 4th February, when WS2 was allocated to the last 145 universal, the 0830 from Woodbrook, possibly because there was nothing else left. It appeared again on the 6th February. The 145 is a very busy route which means a WS is not ideal.

There's always a car! Not my best shot of WS1, but WS1 is seen operating an outbound service to Rockbrook on Dundrum Road on the 15th February 2019. A quick zoom out got the bus somewhat in shot but this will need revisiting.

Since the 7th February, the spare WS has been allocated to the 61, with just one morning (Wednesday 13th February) where a double-decker was allocated. The bus operates the 0720 Rt61 from Rockbrook and then the 0905 Rt61 from Eden Quay to Rockbrook before pulling into the depot. From observation the allocation would seem ideal, the 61 not being the busiest route in general and this particular departure operates into the city within minutes of a 44, and likewise it generally operates alongside a 44 to Dundrum outbound. Hopefully this allocation is permanent as it is great to see a single-decker in the city once more.

Donnybrook's former AV263 is seen operating Route 61 on Nutgrove Avenue on the 12th May 2012 (click on photo for larger version).

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